The Customer

Nurseio is one of large healthcare professional registry in US catering to hospitals, clinics and senior patient homes for their on-demand healthcare professional needs.

Healthcare is a business which is very heavily regulated and involves verification of credentials of healthcare professionals, their certifications, permits in real time. Also during Covid due to heavy pressure on entire healthcare ecosystem it became extremely important to have an ability to respond quickly.

Key Information

Platform Scale

SaaS platform serving 100+ facilities, 1500+ healthcare professionals and 2000+ shifts.

Intelligent Automation

Automated matching of shifts with healthcare professional


Platform Development


ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Heroku

Key Challenge

The existing process completely manual with steps as follows:

• Nurseio sales person would contact the staffing manager in a facility to gather needs.

• Needs once identified will be shared with Nurseio staffer who will then start texting/calling healthcare professionals who fit the need.

• Once confirmation is received from healthcare professional, their documents will be shared with facility for confirmation.

• Once confirmed by facility, Nurseio staffer would confirm healthcare professional.

• Post shift invoice is raised at end of week and healthcare professional is paid after getting feedback from facility .

When carefully analysed the existing process, we figure out the following issues which needed to fix into the process:

• Entire process had multiple points of failures.

• Unable to scale.

• High management cost.

• Offline dependencies.

GTEN Solution

Our solution was based on solving three crucial problems in the existing process.

• Automate the entire workflow using a responsive SaaS platform hosted on Heroku developed using ReactJS and Ruby on Rails.

• Building intelligent automation for matching need with availability of healthcare professional considering multiple factors. .

• Real time confirmation of shift feedback and pay-out to healthcare professional using integration wit Stripe. .

• Real time notification to all stakeholders at every touchpoint.

The very first version of the solution was to have EPCIS developed and set up for all the involved parties and then move their transaction events into distributed ledgers on Blockchain.

The solution is divided into three major parts:

SaaS Platform — cloud-based web application.
Omnichannel Experience — Mobile application to continue where you left.
Reporting & Analytics — Identify revenue loss and expansion opportunities.

Benefits Achieved

Following benefits were delivered to customer:

  • Increased revenue by 350%.
  • Scaled operations 5 times but reduced operations cost by 80%.
  • Verification and confirmation of healthcare professionals in real-time by integration with nursing boards and certification authority .
  • Geotagging of facilities and healthcare professionals to avoid any disputeson shifts completed. .


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US Office
2010 N. 1st Street, Ste 470, San Jose, CA 95131

India Offices
Building 32, G Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Unit 221, Vardhman Complex, Sector 19, Faridabad, Haryana India 121001